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Temporary protection is a status that provides temporary shelter and protection to people who are forced to migrate to a particular country in a forced and urgent manner. Syrian citizens, refugees from Syria and stateless persons who came to Türkiye since 28 April 2011 due to the civil war and conflicts in Syria are under temporary protection by the Turkish government.

Temporary protection offers certain rights and benefits to these persons admitted to Türkiye. The Presidency of Migration Management (PMM) is the official body responsible for all asylum procedures in Türkiye, including temporary protection, and identifies individuals seeking temporary protection.

The rights and assistance provided to persons under temporary protection allow them to remain in Türkiye until more durable solutions to their situation are found and protect them from forced return. These rights include basic needs such as health care, education, social assistance, psychological support and access to the labour market.

This protection and assistance for Syrian refugees and stateless persons under temporary protection reflects Türkiye’s approach based on the right to live humanely and respect for human rights. In this way, individuals under temporary protection are supported to integrate into society and look to the future with more hope. The temporary protection process is implemented to meet urgent humanitarian needs and to provide temporary security and protection to these individuals.

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