The application process to benefit from the Young Entrepreneur Support is quite simple. You can make your application with the following steps:

  • Login to Interactive Tax Office: You can apply for young entrepreneur support through the Interactive Tax Office. You will need to prepare a petition for this process.
  • Petition Preparation: You need to create a petition for your application. In the petition, you should state that you want to benefit from the young entrepreneur support and that you meet the relevant conditions.
  • Financial Advisor Support: If you need help with the preparation of your application, you can get help from your financial advisor who supports you in setting up your company.
  • Application Process: After preparing your petition and filling in the necessary information, you can make your application through the Interactive Tax Office.
  • Application Result: Your application will be evaluated and finalised by the tax office. If your application is finalised, you will be given a document stating that you “can benefit from the young entrepreneur support”.
  • Bağkur Application: After your application is finalised, you can start to benefit from Bağkur premium support by going to the Bağkur Insured Registration Service of the SSI Directorate closest to your residence address and presenting this document.

If you have Bağkur premium debts arising during the application process, you can benefit from this support and have your debts cancelled. In this way, young entrepreneurs have the opportunity to make a more comfortable start by reducing the financial burden in business start-up processes

One of the important issues to be considered while benefiting from the Young Entrepreneur Support is to determine the correct start date. During the application, the date of establishment of the company is also considered as your start date and your incentive application is evaluated based on this date.

For this reason, it is important to carefully plan your start date and company establishment process before applying. Ensuring that your start date is correct and in line with the establishment date of the company prevents incorrect and unfair incentive applications and prevents problems that may occur in the future.

In addition, while declaring your start date during the application, you may face serious penalties if it is determined that you have unrecorded income in previous periods. This situation may lead to both penalties for your unrecorded income and a refund request on the grounds that you received the young entrepreneur support unfairly.

In addition, becoming a partner in an existing business or professional activity may prevent you from benefiting from young entrepreneur support. In order to benefit from the incentive, you must be insured by Bağkur as of the establishment date of the company at the time of application.

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