• 18 Nisan 2023

Mentor Network Development is in Progress!

Mentor Network Development is in Progress!

Mentor Network Development is in Progress! 1024 576 Meryem Yılmaz

“Friend Üsküdar with Inclusive Approach” Project: Mentor Network Development Work Continues!

We are pleased to share with you an important step in the “Friend Üsküdar with Inclusive Approach” project. Our mentor network, developed to support social cohesion and to create a strong solidarity environment between Syrians under Temporary Protection (SuTP) and members of the Host Community, continues at full speed.

Mentoring: Drawing Strength from Experience

Mentoring is a special learning process that involves experienced and successful people guiding young or new participants by sharing their experiences and providing guidance. The mentor network we have created within the scope of the “Friendly Üsküdar with Participatory Approach” project aims to help our participants take steps in the business world with confidence and overcome the difficulties they may encounter with the support of experienced guides.

Mentor Network Development Activities

Our project team meticulously continues to develop a mentor network. In this process, experienced business people and experts who have achieved significant success in the entrepreneurship and business world have been contacted and cooperation opportunities with them have been evaluated. At the same time, the applications and interests of our participants who want to be mentored have been taken into consideration and appropriate matches have been made.

Mentoring Process and Support

Our participants in our project will come together with experienced people who are included in the mentoring network, receive valuable feedback on their business ideas and projects, learn experiences and tricks in the business world and develop strategies for the future. Our mentors will guide our participants and establish a strong mentor-mentee relationship in order to contribute to their personal and professional development.

Join the “Friend Üsküdar with Inclusive Approach” Project!

Our project will continue to strengthen the entrepreneurial potential of our participants with mentor network development activities and support them to take firm steps into the business world. By joining our project, you can be a part of our mentor network and inspire young entrepreneurs with your experiences.

We are waiting for you to take a step together for a strong social cohesion and co-operation and to participate in the “Friendly Üsküdar with Participatory Approach” project!

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