Entrepreneurship is growing in Türkiye and is encouraged through a wide range of support to meet the needs of various sectors. The government and the private sector actively support entrepreneurship through a range of programmes and incentives that encourage the realisation of ideas and the establishment of sustainable business models.

Support for entrepreneurs includes financial assistance as well as services such as training, mentoring, counselling and networking. Government agencies such as TUBITAK and KOSGEB encourage the commercialisation of innovative ideas and the development of SMEs by providing financial support and training to entrepreneurs. In addition, venture capital firms and angel investors in the private sector support entrepreneurs with financial investment and mentoring, contributing to their success.

Technoparks and accelerator programmes in Türkiye provide an important platform for technology and innovation-oriented start-ups in particular. Such organisations increase entrepreneurs’ chances of success by providing important support and guidance at stages such as realising their business ideas, prototyping, marketing and business development.

Entrepreneurs’ business growth and the overall strengthening of Türkiye’s entrepreneurship ecosystem are crucial for economic growth and innovation. Therefore, the ability of entrepreneurs to effectively utilise available support plays a critical role in the country’s economic growth and global competitiveness.

Within the scope of government support, institutions such as TÜBİTAK and KOSGEB provide entrepreneurs with a wide range of support such as financial incentives, training programmes, consultancy services and project financing covering various sectors. In addition, specific government support and incentives are also available for various sectors in Türkiye. They aim to encourage entrepreneurship, especially in strategic sectors such as technology, education, agriculture and energy.

Under private sector support, angel investors, venture capital firms, accelerators and other elements of the start-up ecosystem help entrepreneurs develop their businesses by providing a variety of financing and mentoring services to start-up and growing ventures. In addition, many private sector organisations in Türkiye provide special incentives and services to entrepreneurs by offering expertise in areas such as technology, marketing, law and finance.

Under local support, local governments organise various programmes to strengthen the entrepreneurship ecosystem and support regional development. These programmes are often aimed at strengthening the local economy and can increase opportunities for entrepreneurs to start and expand their businesses. In addition, local economic development agencies and chambers of commerce also support entrepreneurs on their journey to success by offering training programmes, mentoring, networking opportunities and sometimes financing.

Entrepreneurs growing their businesses and strengthening Türkiye’s entrepreneurship ecosystem is critical for the country’s economic growth and innovation. Therefore, effective utilisation of available support by entrepreneurs makes a significant contribution to boosting Türkiye’s economic growth and global competitiveness.

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