• 3 Şubat 2023

WeAR(e)Uskudar Project was Approved by the Turkish National Agency

WeAR(e)Uskudar Project was Approved by the Turkish National Agency

WeAR(e)Uskudar Project was Approved by the Turkish National Agency 800 450 MUSTAFA TUNCER

We are delighted to share exciting news about the project “WeAR(e)Uskudar: International Entrepreneurship and Digitalization Academy”, which will be realized within the scope of the Erasmus+ KA210-YOU program and supported with a budget of €60,000.

The evaluation process for the project proposals of the 2022 R3 term of the Erasmus+ Youth Program Small Scale Partnerships (KA210-YOU) has been completed and our project stood out amongst 110 projects in this challenging evaluation process. Our project, which meets the eligibility criteria and was positively evaluated by independent external experts after the content evaluation, has earned the right to receive grant support by being among the 12 projects presented.

Our project is named “WeAR(e)Uskudar: International Entrepreneurship and Digitalization Academy”, which will offer training on entrepreneurship and digitalization. The name “WeAR(e)Uskudar”, which expresses Üsküdar and the European Union (EU) together, also means ‘we are Üsküdar’. So actually, by investing in this academy for our youth and our society, we are demonstrating our potential in international entrepreneurship and digitalization.

The academy aims to improve the entrepreneurial skills of our youth and to make them knowledgeable and experienced in digital transformation issues. Thus, the future of Üsküdar will be shaped by the young people who will play an active role in the digital transformation process.

The acceptance of our project and its support with a budget of €60,000 proves once again how valuable the work we do for our youth is as Üsküdar Municipality and our successes in this field. With this opportunity provided by the Erasmus+ KA210-YOU program, we will offer high-quality education to our youth and help them improve themselves in entrepreneurship and digitalization.

Being part of such an important project and being able to offer these opportunities to our youth makes us proud as Üsküdar Municipality. We are very happy to share this excitement with you and we hope that such projects will continue.

The future of Üsküdar is shaped by our youth. With the “WeAR(e)Uskudar: International Entrepreneurship and Digitalization Academy” project, we will continue to take steps to best shape this future. We are Üsküdar and the young people of Üsküdar are the leaders of the future. When we are together, there is no limit to success.

To see the Project Results announcement and the full list, you can visit the website of the Turkish National Agency by clicking the link below: